Why Get Motivated Boot Camp


We believe the teen will benefit most from home receiving positive reinforcement from the family throughout the therapy process.

Even though the traditional boot camp is from Monday through Friday, all the skills learned here are to be practiced at home. Both the parents and the teen have to complete weekly assignments; such as physical exercise, reading or daily journals.

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What to Expect

Get Motivated Boot Camp (GMBC) consists of multiple processes for the teen and their parents in order to create CHANGE through Continuous Personal Improvement (CPI).

  • GMBC requires parents to participate with their teens, weekly at home and every Sunday at boot camp
  • Parents and teens will work separately and together.
  • As progress is achieved, Parents and Teens will be brought together for family workshops and homework assignments.
  • Motivational videos, challenge courses, physical training and military drills will be conducted during the boot camp.
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