Combining Therapy and Physical Training To Change TEENS Lives


In-home Intervention:In-home Intervention may be one of the most intensive programs we offer. Multiple Drill Instructors go out to the home and work with the teen, as well as the teen and the family in order to build a structured environment. In addition, they go through an entire process with the family and the teen to create excellent communication. Most In-home Interventions range from four hours all the way to ten hours (in rare cases). The parent(s) will be able to see a change in their teen from the time the instructors arrive; however, the recovery process is not instantaneous. It takes time, work and effort. Structure is created in the home by the instructors, and the family must maintain and build on this structure in the future. There is not a set schedule for the instructors to come to the house. In-home Interventions is on an as needed basis; therefore, the facility of Get Motivated Boot Camp will be calling and checking on the progress of the family. This includes unscheduled visits to the home known as "Knock and Talks". While Sunday Boot Camp is not required to be paired with In-home Intervention, it is highly recommended because it reinforces the positive behavior and strengthens the structure established in the home by the instructors.

$175.00 In-home Intervention Per Hour
$135.00 In-home Coaching
$99.00 Knock and Talks Per Hour

Sunday Boot Camp: Sunday Boot Camp consists of the parents and teens involvement in the recovery of the family. The skills learned in boot camp will be applied throughout the week to reinforce the positive behavior of the teen and the family unit. Positive and negative consequences will be enforced throughout the week. Both parents and teens will have daily homework assignments. These range from journaling to eating dinner together. The program is very intensive and effective as the positive behavior will be continuously reinforced and reiterated at the facility and at home.

$99.00 Per Teen Per Week (12 weeks minimum)
$69.00 Per Parent/Guardian Per Week (12 weeks minimum)
$150.00 Teen Uniform Rental Fee One Time Fee (entire uniform returned good condition $75.00 refund)

Therapy: Professional Licensed Counselors are on the boot camp faculty in order to provide services for individuals and/or families. Therapy, along with boot camp creates the most positive results. Individual and/or family therapy is always recommended when trying to help the teen and their family through troubling times. We will provide you with a receipt to turn in to your insurance.

$99.00 Per Hour

Phone Calls: After you have enrolled in boot camp, all phone calls made to your coach or therapist is free for the first five minutes up to three times a week. Afterwards there is a $99 fee charged per hour.

Lunch: Teens must bring their own lunch; however it must adhere to our strict nutritional guidelines. The lunches will be searched when they arrive at the facility. Lunches will be refrigerated until lunch time.

Acceptable forms of payment: All major credit cards, check, cashier’s check, money order, or cash (cash must be paid in person for the exact amount; other methods of payment preferable).

Additional Financial Information: You are required to pre-pay tuition a minimum of two weeks at a time. You are responsible for payment whether you are in attendance on a particular day or not. The parent/guardian is ultimately responsible for all fees. A $15.00 monthly finance fee will be assessed for non-payment, and late payment fees do apply.

Unfortunately, Medicaid is not accepted at this time.

Currently we are not accepting any charity clients. Our foundation's fund raising and donation programs enable us to continue to keep our costs low and support other services for our community. In the future we do expect to have a sponsorship program available to low income or uninsured clients. When this happens we will provide information on the website to assist with qualifying rules.

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