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Boot Camp Overview

Get Motivated Teen Boot Camp is designed to teach STRUCTURE for troubled teens and their parents which will equip them with the skills to enable families to live together without the stress of ongoing acting out, rebellion and painful confrontations day-in and day-out at school and at home. We believe STRUCTURE is the foundation for successful communication between parents and teens. Solid STRUCTURE with communication results in mutual respect and positive home environment.

Whether a parent or a teen, we all make choices. With every choice, comes a consequence. Our goal is to teach STRUCTURE which will empower our participants to make good choices which yield positive consequences. STRUCTURE equips our participants to be PROACTIVE rather than REACTIVE.

We bring together troubled teens and their families, seeking to heal the wounds created by misunderstanding due to lack of STRUCTURE in their homes.

Combining the unique advantages of a "boot camp" atmosphere for both troubled teens and their parents coupled with the benefits of "group interaction", our Get Motivated Teen Boot Camp instills Continuous Personal Improvement (CPI) in our boot camp participants which creates long-term solutions for families in desperate straits.

If you feel your family is in need of intervention, contact us now. Don’t wait for your teen to get caught up in the legal system, run away from home, or worse. Don’t put your family’s future at risk by not taking advantage of this program. Pick up the phone and call to request an enrollment package today! We have dorms for families in crisis.

Perhaps you know another family in need of intervention. Care enough to share this opportunity with them.

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