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This Question and Answer forum addresses the most frequently asked questions. If after reading these questions and answers in their entirety, you still have unanswered questions, please contact us and our staff will help you determine if our Get Motivated Teen Boot Camp is right for your family.

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Question 1:

When does Get Motivated Teen Boot Camp start?

Get Motivated Teen Boot Camp begins every two weeks. Please call 940-365-1818 to confirm our next start date.

Question 2:

How do we sign up?

Request Registration forms by phone. Forms must be completed and returned by fax or mail. If you are paying by check, please include the check when you return your registration by mail. If you are paying with a major credit card, you can fax or mail your registration form and call us with your credit card payment.

Question 3:

We live 2-3 hours away. Can we participate and is lodging available?

Yes. There are nearby hotels for participating families.

Question 4:

Is this an incarceration camp?

No. We do not imprison or house teens overnight.

Question 5:

As the parent, I don’t think I’ve done anything wrong -- Am I required-to participate with my teen?

Yes. We believe parent participation is essential for the success of this boot camp.

Question 6:

Where is Get Motivated Teen Boot Camp held?

The teens and parents attend our unique Get Motivated Teen Boot Camp facility. This 14-acre facility is specifically designed to accommodate the various processes including physical training, group meetings, coaching, etc. and is complete with a confidence course.

Question 7:

Can this program help my troubled teen even though they have a violent history?

Yes. The definition of violence varies between persons and organizations. What others deem to be violent may not fit our criteria of violence which would disqualify a candidate for the program. For this reason, we request you be forthright with any violent history and we will evaluate each situation on a case-by-case basis. Our goal is to help as many troubled teens as possible without compromising our top priority of safety for all participants and staff.
Example: While teen fist fights are representative of issues to be addressed, they do not necessarily define violence.

Question 8:

Can this program guarantee success in turning our teen’s life around and getting our family back on track?

Life has no guarantees. We work diligently to establish structure, open communication and mutual respect within the family. True success will be realized when you and your teen commit to Continuous Personal Improvement (CPI), which includes maintaining structure, open communication and mutual respect by utilizing the knowledge and tools we provide through Get Motivated Boot Camp.

Question 9:

Does my teen absolutely have to wear a uniform?

Yes, absolutely, no exceptions. Teens are issued a Get Motivated Teen Boot Camp Uniform and it is the only acceptable attire.

Question 10:

Do I need to send a lunch with my teen?

Yes. We require the teens bring a nutritionally balanced lunch and the required water intake.
Note: Teens are also required to consume one quart of water in the evenings before going to bed to maintain good hydration.

Question 11:

We feel this is the right program for our troubled teen and our family but we cannot financially afford it. Are there scholarships available?

Unfortunately, we do not have scholarship or grant funds available at this time. We accept the following forms of payment in U.S. currency: Personal check, cashier’s check, money order, cash and all major credit cards. Financing and payment plans are available.

Sometimes, grandparents, other relatives or close friends offer assistance to help families with troubled teenagers. You might want to see if this option is available to you.

Question 12:

My teen is 11, can they come?

For our boot camp program we only accept teens from the ages of 12-17 (we only accept 18 year olds if they are still in high school), but we have an alternative to those that do not meet the age requirements for the boot camp. We offer One-on-one coaching for both boys and girls from the ages of 11-18. For more information on our alternative coaching options please refer to the "about us" section of our website.

Question 13:

My teen is 17 but will turn 18 in a few weeks. Is he/she eligible?

If your teen is 18 or turns 18 while in our program we can accept them only if they are still in high school.

Question 14:

Do you accept physically handicapped teens?

This program is not designed to accommodate physically handicapped or mentally challenged teens.

Question 15:

My teen has experimented with drugs. Are they eligible?

Yes. Get Motivated Boot Camp is a behavioral modification program. We will assess each situation on a case-by-case basis to determine viability. We will perform random drug testing.

Question 16:

Because my teen works, is it OK for him/her to drive themselves?

All teens must be dropped off and picked up by their parents. They are to arrive in their issued uniform, daily journal and any homework assignments. No other items will be permitted and if present will be considered contraband.

Question 17:

Will my teen be deprived of food and/or water?

Quite the contrary. Teens must bring a nutritionally balanced lunch and they will be required to drink ample water while at Get Motivated Teen Boot Camp..

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